Research Park at the University of Illinois

The Research Park at the University of Illinois is a collaboration between the university and Fox/Atkins Development, LLC.  It is designed to encourage research and development by private industry, while providing access to numerous amenities including the benefits of:

  • Leading faculty who can offer expertise and world-class research in relevant fields for a specific business purposes. Faculty often help as consultants, engage through Research Park startups, and provide guidance to companies on a wide range of topics.
  • An exceptional student population providing a year-round workforce allowing companies flexibility in setting up teams with high skills to rapidly work on projects with interdisciplinary teams while also creating a pipeline for full-time recruitment.
  • Local peer community of companies in the Research Park that share best practices with each other in a close-knit community. Site directors, employees, and interns network with each other at many of the regularly offered information sharing events, social activities, and skill development opportunities.
  • National recognition with reoccurring placement on  lists such as “12 Business Incubators Changing The World.” the University of Illinois Research Park is known for supporting entrepreneurship and facilitating innovation.

To date, 538,862 square feet of office space, a 38,000 square foot conference center, and a 42,755 square foot hotel with a built in restaurant has been developed, for a total of 619,617 square feet.

Research Park Buildings
Ameren Building – 2100 South Oak St
Atkins Building – 1800 South Oak St
Caterpillar Building – 1901 South First St
Chesterbrook Academy – 2001 South Oak St
EnterpriseWorks – 60 Hazelwood Dr
iHotel and Conference Center – 1900 South First St
John Deere Building – 2021 South First St
Littelfuse Technical Center- 2110 South Oak St
Mixed-Use Building – 1904 South First Street
State Farm Building – 2001 South First St
TDFC I, II, III and IV- 2109 South Oak, 2111 South Oak St, 210 Hazelwood Dr, and 201 St. Mary’s Road
Yahoo! Building – 1908 South First St
 For additional information and current space availability, please contact Andrea Ruedi at Fox Development Corporation, 217-239-7514.