Fox Ventures, LLC

Fox Ventures, LLC, was formed in 2002 as the investment arm of Fox Development Corporation, with the purpose of identifying new and innovative ideas it can support through consulting, networking, and financing. Assisting technology firms in the transition from research to commercialization has been of special interest as development of the Research Park at the University of Illinois continues.

Fox Ventures, LLC has invested in multiple sectors of the economy beyond technology, including real estate (office, retail, and residential), service, manufacturing, medical, and financial. If you would like your proposal considered for investment, and are ready to apply for funding from Fox Ventures, please provide us with information on your endeavor.

Recent Ventures:

Aegis Surgical – Healthcare

Agrible – Software & Web Applications

Aptimmune – Life Sciences

IfOnly – Multidisciplinary

Lumenous Co. – Engineering and Mechanical

Oceancomm – Engineering and Mechanical

PhotoniCare – Healthcare

Rithmio – Software & Web Applications

Tekmill – Engineering and Mechanical

trueEx, LLC – Financial

80 Percent – Software & Web Applications

Current and Past Ventures:



Exalt Diagnostics

Life Sciences:

iCyt Visionary Bioscience

iFab Precision Prototyping

Nanodisc, Inc.

Ratio, Inc.

ZelleRx Corporation


Illinois Emerging Technologies Fund



SmartSpark Energy Systems


Engineering and Mechanical:

Finisar Corporation (Formerly Kodeos Communications)

Real Estate:

Garland Mountain

Gervais Building


Normal Apple, LLC

Old Chatham Cottage

Software & Web Applications:

Bespoke Innovations

Bytemobile, Inc.

Connectem, Inc.


Riverglass, Inc.

ShareThis (Formerly Nextumi, Inc.)

Strata Decision Technologies